Magincia – March 2020, ongoing

Quest designer

Initially a fan project on Ultima Online from Game Puppets Studio, the videogame took on a life on its own and the programmers felt like expanding the workforce.

My job as an unpaid collaborator is designing side quests complete with everything they need to feel dynamic and lively: dialogue lines and their different outcomes on the questline, object and loot management and long term prospect for creating literal side sories with enough room for character developement and replayability.

This could be a dream job of mine. I love working with plot design and developement, connecting small details to the main storyline and finding ways to tell stories through environmental cues.

Unnamed novel – September 2021, expected for early 2022


I’m currently writing my most challenging project to date: a fully fleshed fantasy novel that I intend to publish as soon as I finish editing it.

Writing has always been my passion, with a focus on narrative works. I have already published some short stories but never worked successfully on a project this big.

The main points of my work writing my yet to be named book are of course worldbuilding, lore smithing, plot weaving, character design and developement. I wrote the main plot in about two weeks, and for now I’ve been able to write 140K characters a month.

Meghan and the Mages – 2020, ongoing

Creative collaboration

I came across the call for participants for “Meghan and the Mages” in early 2020. The project consists in an animated series, and my job here is mainly helping the writers get their stories straight through editing, plot hole finding and creative process supervising.

The project is still in it’s early stages – the title isn’t even definitive and the work is voluntary – but the team managed to create a functioning plot in about three months.

“Il Viaggio dell’Eroe” – January to November 2022

Writer and Manager

After a training course led by Wu Ming 4 a small group of young artists inspired by the model of the “Hero’s Journey” from Joseph Campell’s work decided to apply for an European funding for a writing course that sees writing as a self developement tool.

If financed, the course will start on January 2022 and will consist in developing several short stories and works of literary art following the Hero’s Journey.

Other than writing, I will also manage the youth team in its activities, being that the course will take place in my own artistic studio.